CV of William C. Trogler

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry-0358, University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla. CA 92093-0358
tel:  858-534-6175   fax: 858-534-5383  email:


B.A.&M.A., Chemistry - Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., Chemistry - California Institute of Technology

Research Interests:        

Conjugated silole and silafluorene copolymer fluorophores for detection of toxicants and explosives
Thin film chemiresistors for chemical vapor sensing
Template synthesis of hollow silica and titania nanospheres for biomedical applications

Scientific Honors            

Phi Beta Kappa                                                                                                  1974
IBM Fellow                                                                                                        1976-1977
du Pont Young Faculty Fellow                                                                             1977-1978
Rohm and Haas Faculty Fellow                                                                            1980
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow                                                                         1983-1986
Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science          1988

Academic Experiences:            
Assistant Professor, Northwestern University.                                   1977 – 1983
Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego.                    1983 – 1986
Professor, University of California, San Diego.                                   1986 – present
Interim Associate Chancellor, UCSD                                                   2003 - 2004

Other Activities:
1978-1980                       Guest Faculty Researcher – Physics, Argonne National Laboratory
1986-1987                       Consultant - Brunswick Biotechnetics
1988-1990                       Cochair of NSF National Workshop in Organometallic Chemistry
1988-1990                       Editorial Advisory Board – Organometallics
1991-1993                       Editorial Advisory Board - Inorganic Chemistry
1993-1996                       Elected Councilor, ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry
2003                               National Research Council Committee on Standoff Explosives                                       Detection
2003-2004                       Nanotechnology Advisory Group - President's Council of Advisors on                                       Science and Technology
2004-2005                       NIH Study Section - Bioengineering Sciences and Technologies Review                                       Group for Instrumentation and Systems Development
2004                               Science Advisory Board, CRG Chemical
2006-present                   Strategic Advisory Board, RedXDefense
2005-2008                       NRC Committee on Basic Research Needs for IED Detection
2005-present                   Member-investigator of UCSD Moores Cancer Center
2007-2008                       Nanotechnology Advisory Group - President's Council of Advisors on                                       Science and Technology
2008                               Nanoengineering Department, Affiliated Faculty Member
2008-2011                       Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology
2010-2012                       UCSD Foundation Board of Trustees Faculty Representative

Total number of graduate students advised: 30+

Total number of postdoctorals advised: 13

Publications: Articles in Refereed Journals 185, 5 patents, 1 edited book, 1 coauthored book